Networking Convention

TEAM – One Chicago will be participating in a leadership conference and networking convention.

TEAM – One Chicago will be recognized for their hard work and dedication that each representative has been demonstrating here within the last few months through-out their management training. Twelve representatives within our offices will be flown out to the convention and put up in a hotel for the weekend during the duration of the convention.

Everyone is very excited for this opportunity that is provided and anxiously waiting to find out which representatives will be chosen. “I have been watching the office each week perform better than ever and challenging themselves in order to have the opportunity to network with consultants from all over the United Sates” (HR Manager Green).  During the convention, our representatives will be networking with the CEOs and building vital relationships. The opportunity that these twelve representatives will be given will be crucial to their careers here within the growth of our firm.

TEAM – One Chicago is very excited for our representatives to get this type of recognition at the convention. It is an honor and a huge achievement to be invited. TEAM – One Chicago is very proud of our representatives and is excited to see what the future holds for them.


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