Hard Work Pays off in our Office

PRLog (Press Release) – Jul 30, 2012 –
This past week TEAM One – Chicago got recognized for their hard work and dedication from their client, Direct Energy.

TEAM One – Chicago received a trophy and a standing ovation from Direct Energy. The firm received, ‘Number one in the country’ – for the most sales and customer satisfaction. “I am very proud of our office and where we are today. We received this award not only as a whole, but individually. Without each of our representatives this would not have been possible. We are proud to call ourselves a Team. (HR Manager, Green).

Not only was TEAM One – Chicago recognized for being number one in the country but, also for ‘The most improved office’. “We have changed the standards in our office and it shows. Our representatives are stronger than ever. With all the promotions that are happening in the office no one wants to get left behind. Our representatives are eager to become the next Assistant Manager. (Assistant Manager, Olsen).

TEAM One – Chicago has a lot to look forward to. This up and coming year, TEAM One – Chicago will be expanding into three new markets. With this growth, comes success. We have a lot more to accomplish and it does not stop at these two awards. We are excited to see what is next for this growing Office.


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