Developing Our Team

Melissa Olofsson started at TEAM One – Chicago fresh out of College. From the start, she was determined to climb the ‘corporate ladder.’ She had the entrepreneurial mindset and recognized the opportunity that was provided within TEAM One – Chicago and took full advantage of it.

Olofsson attending college at Western Michigan University where she double majored in Broadcasting and Media Studies, with a double minor in Addiction Studies and Holistic Health. During her senior year at Michigan, Olofsson worked at her parents company while searching for her dream job. She wanted to follow her dream of broadcasting but, could not wait any longer to start her future. She began interviewing with various companies in search to find a career path which would combined her knowledge, experience, and education.

Olofsson has become a very important name within TEAM One – Chicago’s organization. She has attained accomplishments including but not limited to; National Sales Representative of the year and has held the National number one ranking, a record of eight months on the Direct Energy Campaign.

She is called upon by many of her peers to learn and to gain insight from. Olofsson is a team player, never leaving a peer behind. She passes down her knowledge and ‘tricks of the trade’ in order to secure the growth of each individual she has met along her way to management. She has inspired and led many other others to follow in her footsteps to success.

Olofsson took advantage of the training and mentorship which was provided within TEAM One –Chicago’s organization and networked with upper management every chance she got.  She took advice from each individual and used it to better herself. Olofsson successes come from a quote she lives by, “Life is like a camera. Just focus on what’s important and capture the good times, develop from the negatives and if things don’t work out, just take another shot.” (Anonymous)

After receiving numerous awards and recognitions at several conference, the HR Department at TEAM One – Chicago is pleased and excited to announce Melissa Olofsson’s promotion to the Assistant Management team! Olofsson’s selflessness and dedication to the success of the office as a whole as well as her team, has paid off! A big congratulations from TEAM One- Chicago, this new chapter will open up many more doors to your future success!



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