Chicago’s National Conference

At the National Conference TEAM One – Chicago got recognition not only as an entire office, but also specific individuals for their dedication, hard work, and mentality.

TEAM One – Chicago won two awards which separated them from all the other offices nationwide.  ‘Consistency Team of the Year’ as well as being the ‘Campaign pace setter.’

Melissa Olofsson and Ryan O’Malley both got recognized for being the most ‘Profitable Representatives’ and for having the ‘Highest Sales Quality’ out of the entire country!

Olofsson, in addition was rewarded for having the ‘Lowest Campaign Rejects’ and the ‘Highest Sales Volumes’ throughout all the representatives on the campaign.

Between the both of them, they are amazing leaders, teachers, and an inspiration to all the other representatives within the office.  At the rate Olofsson and O’Malley are going, they will be the next promoted. Great representatives to follow and learn from.

All the recognition that was given to our leaders is inspirational and motivating. The success rate within the office is sky rocketing, the bar has been set high.



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